To be appointed NED, candidates must be a member of the Foundation Trust.  Eligibility and criteria for disqualification as a member or as a director are shown below:

All non-executive directors must be members of the Trust.

Eligibility to become NED

A person may be appointed as NED only if they are a member of the Public Constituency. The Public Constituency is comprised of the following areas:

  • Lower East SECAmb
  • Upper East SECAmb
  • Upper West SECAmb 4 (including certain wards of North East Hampshire and Berkshire identified in Annex 1)
  • Lower West SECAmb

Criteria for Disqualification

The Trust’s constitution places a number of restrictions on an individual’s ability to become or continue as NED. A person may not become or continue as NED of the Trust if:

  • a person who has been adjudged bankrupt or whose estate has been sequestrated and (in either case) has not been discharged;
  • a person who has made a composition or arrangement with, or granted a trust deed for, his creditors and has not been discharged in respect of it.
  • a person who within the preceding five years has been convicted in the British Islands of any offence if a sentence of imprisonment (whether suspended or not) for a period of not less than three months (without the option of a fine) was imposed on them.
  • They are a member of the Council of Governors.
  • They are the spouse, partner, parent or child of a member of the Board of Directors.
  • They are subject to a disqualification order made under the Company Directors’ Disqualification Act 1986.
  • They have had their name removed from a list maintained under regulations pursuant to sections 91, 106, 123 or 146 of the 2006